Friday, February 12, 2016

Martin Eller and Associates - clients' testimonials

Testimonials I was considering two companies in Waldwick - Phyphar and Martin Eller but I decided upon the last one. I had a question of tax saving strategies and in my case company offered to split income among several family members. We developed some kind of plan and I got all the answers to my questions. I think I can recommend this consulting firm to small business owners and bigger companies. Hello, I was looking for some information (planning to open my business) and found very useful FAQ on this website. Complete information, easy to understand and quite short so I decided to try their services and stayed satisfied. I received useful tips and made a quick start and now I consult with managers to keep my business going well. Thank you, I am glad I've found you. I've decided to try Elder Care services of Martin Eller & Associates because my parents live in other state and I do not have enough time to help them with finances, but recently I've found the article at and understood the importance of this type of concern for parents well-being. Thanks a lot for a personal manager and confidence in a material security of loved ones. Hi. I'm Jason and I have my small family business. Half a year ago I faced a problem of the need for an audit, but we had not a financial specialist at that time so I found outsource consultants here in Waldwick. Thanks to their professionalism we have solved all our problems in a short term and next time I am sure I can hire the services of Martin Eller consultants for any issue. They also recommended me a helpful tool - cash flow calculator like this to keep count of cash on the firm. I would like to thank Martin Eller and Associates for a great work in personal financial planning. I asked for a help with my investments some time ago and this company consulted how to maximize my investment returns with a minimum risk. Now I have some real results and besides earnings I can improve and use some funds for my Microgaming blog as my readers have been waiting for something new. Thanks for a great work, I will be glad to share my experience with ME&A to everyone who doubting. Find me at my website. Katie Isaacson From year to year Martin Eller consultants helped me to develop and follow successful strategy for my company with the aim to pass the business someday to my children and prepare my retirement. The team provides highly responsive and skilled valuation services that help me keep focused on more important tasks. I believe I can rely upon the advice provided by Martin Eller. Private Business Owner After a lot of research, we chose Martin Eller and Associates to be our new accounting partner. We have worked with Rocco A. Palaia A current firm has been extremely capable in handling our books, and the response time for our questions has been totally fast. I am sure we chose the experts. Within the first month of common working, they had all the reports we wanted up and running. We are treated like a VIP account, even though we’re a small business. Thanks to Martin Eller and Associates for helping our little business get to the next level! For the last four years, MEA has provided accounting, tax, and consulting services for our company. They have strong technical skills, are extremely responsive and very easy to work with. We are glad to work with a firm that takes a strong personal interest in its clients during all that years so we are appreciated! RealSource Association of REALTORS®
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